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Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator, Bournemouth

Added 2 Apr 2021

Job Summary

Location: NR Bournemouth

Salary: £25-£30k


My Client is looking for an experienced Marketing Coordinator who has excellent prioritisation and organisational skills and who is able to manage multiple projects and resources at once.

You will have excellent attention to detail, be team orientated and have a collaborative attitude.

The ideal candidate will be incredibly well organised, brilliant at multi-tasking, is proactive and brimming with energy and enthusiasm.

£20k - £30k
Reference: Marketing Coordinator

Job Description

The main purpose of this role is for the planning. organisation, scheduling and production overflow of all marketing campaign projects.  You will own the overall marketing calendar ensuring that all information is up to date and communicated to all key stakeholders through campaign "one pagers"

Key accountabilities

  • Organise and track progress of creative projects, campaign workflows and marketing calendars
  • Lead daily / weekly planning meetings and produce critical paths for each campaign, photo shoot and brand video project managing any actions or updates in a fluid manner
  • Oversee the planning, organisation, scheduling and production workflow for multiple creative projects spread across the production team from conception to delivery, while meeting all timeline milestones and delivering within the approved budgets.
  • Facilitate campaign project requests from all departments, ensuring those requests are tracked and actioned
  • Create ‘one pagers' for all campaigns in-line with marketing objectives
  • Create campaign autopsy documents for all marketing activity, work with key stakeholders to gather insight and present back to team on findings
  • Create and own a booking system for all external photography and videography
  • Oversee the content budget tracker ensuring that all costs are recorded, and invoices accounted for
  • Track and manage all product samples requested for seasonal and brand campaigns

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Reference: Marketing Coordinator