Benefits of temporary employment ('temping')

Posted on 7 Dec 2020
Benefits of temporary employment ('temping')

While we continue to see growth in new jobs, companies are remaining cautious and temp jobs have started to overtake permanent roles in terms of popularity.

So, if you’re struggling to find a permanent job or don’t want to tie yourself down to one role for a long period of time, temping could be the answer


1. You’re in control

One of the biggest benefits of temporary jobs is flexibility. YOU are in control of your career and it’s far easier to take career breaks and fit your job around your life. Although not having a fixed job may be scary at first, it’s easy to become addicted to the freedom of doing temporary work when you want.

2. Learn new skills

Different companies use different systems to get the job done, even if they’re doing the same work. For example, IT and internet jobs have hundreds of different computer programmes to contend with, sales jobs utilise different databases and even catering and hospitality jobs and retail, wholesale jobs have different ways of dealing with customers. By spending time temping across various roles you can learn new skills and see how different companies operate, making you far more employable and really enriching your CV.

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