There's something for everyone in this month's newsletter

Posted on 9 Nov 2020
There's something for everyone in this month's newsletter

We've had a busy few weeks since our last newsletter, November is looking to be a really productive month, the previous quarter was close to where we usually are.

Looking forward to the next quarter it feels somewhat uncertain as to what we'll achieve, but as usual we strive to support where we can and deliver great service along the way!

This month I'm sharing 3 articles on different topics, all of which are pertinent right now.The first is 'Everything you need to know about applying for a sponsor licence'. With new immigration rules coming into force in just a few months, this article explores the process for accessing skilled migrant workers from now on.

From next year, employers looking to hire foreign nationals from both inside and outside of Europe will need a Tier 2 sponsor licence. What is this? How do you apply for one? And what alternative routes can employers take to recruit skilled migrant workers?

Organisations are going to put themselves on the backfoot in terms of accessing talent if they don't have a sponsor licence, because the competition is fierce and candidates are checking the register of licensed sponsors to see who has one.

The full article in People Management can be accessed through this link.


The second article is called 'Businesses unfairly favour logical thinkers'. Research finds companies will need both rational and creative minds to survive the pandemic. The study suggested only businesses with a “symbiotic partnership between the logical left brain and the more expansive right brain” could find ways to overcome the new commercial challenges raised by the pandemic. Read more here.

The last article entitled 'Innovation plays crucial role in getting people back into employment' helps organisations think outside the box to help job seekers into work. The full article includes details of the Nesta £2.8m Rapid Recovery Challenge supported by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation and Money and Pensions Service. The challenge aims to encourage the development and scaling of innovative solutions that improve access to jobs, training and financial support. Read the full text here.

We hope that there is something of interest for all our subscribers, if there is anything you'd like to see in future newsletters, please do drop me a line - [email protected]

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