Do you value your recruitment partner?

Posted on 14 Jul 2020
Do you value your recruitment partner?

Here’s how I do it…

  • New client on site meeting (in normal circumstances), when I get to understand the culture, the location logistics and get a feel for the business and the job on offer.
  • Existing clients with a new job role, I’ll discuss over the phone what the offer is as I’m already familiar with them, having carried out the point above.
  • Draft an advert, gain approval from client.
  • Post the job, on my website, social media and 3 jobs boards which I pay a handsome sum for. I also set up alerts for good candidates who might align well with the job on offer.  This means that I literally get alerted to new candidates in real time as they upload their CVs.
  • Candidate search, on my database and the 3 job boards.
  • Identify and save CVs, call people, email, text and chase often multiple times via each medium.
  • Carry out an in-depth telephone interview, take a journey through their CV, explore their motivations, discuss reasons for leaving, identify key new job criteria, salary expectations, notice periods etc
  • Direct applicants, same as above for people that apply for the job, they’ve seen advertised.
  • Response to applicants, I contact every single applicant and inform them of the outcome. If I’m putting them forward or not and why. I also offer advice for future, explaining how agencies use job boards, which job boards to upload their CV on etc
  • Submit the candidate to the client, with my notes in the Aspire Jobs template with their CV, liaison with the client to arrange an interview. Feedback to candidate.
  • Candidate interview preparation by video conference, send documentation first with interview guide and company information and job description. The video interview prep takes around 30 minutes, per candidate per job.
  • Exchange candidate and client feedback, post interview. Positive or negative outcomes discussed.
  • Job offers are usually made via me, I call candidates, coach about giving notice and handling counter offers. Offers are confirmed in writing by me, so the client can get an offer letter out in writing quickly.
  • I manage the process throughout the notice period, keeping in touch with the client and the candidate at all times. This minimises the risk of the candidate dropping out.
  • Unlike some less scrupulous agencies, I do not send anyone to a client without having spoken to them and having done the necessary legal checks, GDPR and permit to work etc.
  • 1st day, check in with them, wish them good luck.
  • Send my invoice, that’s the last thing I do having sent the candidate a good luck card to arrive on their desk on their first day