How Social Media can Impact your Job Prospects

Posted on 9 Feb 2021
How Social Media can Impact your Job Prospects

Let's face it, we've all done it haven't we.  Posted something on Facebook or Insta that's not exactly showing our best side...

A dodgy photo, a rant, strong political views, laughing at someone else's expense... the list goes on.

  • How many of you make your social profiles private? i.e. viewable only to your friends or followers list?
  • How many of you allow other people to tag you in that hilarious meme or funny photo?
  • What does your social profile say about you?

Why is this important? Because as a recruiter I'm looking, and your potential employer is looking. Looking to see what the 'social' face of this person whom I might place or they might employ, is saying. What can I find out about you that isn't readily available on your CV.

Why is it any of my, or their business?  Well truthfully it isn't anyone's business but your own, BUT recruiters and potential employers can, and do, use social profiles to get an alternative/additional view of you, from the one that you're portraying through your CV and interview persona.

Someone whose CV reads like a dream, and whose interview style is bang on, could be an instant turn off if their social profile demonstrates - for example - extreme political or discriminatory opinions.

This article from Reed, gives some great tips and pointers about how best to manage your social profiles, what not to do and what you can do to make your social profile work for you, not against you.

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