How to choose the right career for your personality

Posted on 10 Sep 2021
How to choose the right career for your personality

In less than 10 seconds, you could probably think of a friend who's unhappy with their job and wishes they could be somewhere (anywhere) else. While you may not always be able to find the career that's perfect for you, it's possible to match yourself up with the job that fits your personality. It's much easier to achieve career goals when your job feels like a natural extension of who you are.

1. Take a personality test

Part of choosing the right career for your personality is understanding what kind of personality you have. That's where taking a personality test comes into play. A personality test will show you your strengths and weaknesses. It can also suggest a string of careers that would fit your personality.
But keep in mind: personality tests aren't the end-all, be-all. You should absolutely use your results as a guideline to finding your career. But use your gut instincts and personal experiences to make the final decision.

2. Examine how you interact with people

In choosing the right career for your personality, you should first determine how you want to interact with other people. Are you extroverted or introverted? Do you want to deal with people face to face? Do you enjoy answering questions asked by strangers, or do you prefer to keep to yourself? If you're shy, then customer service, for example, would be a bad career choice.
Having a clear sense of self-awareness is difficult, but this information is extremely valuable for your career. The way that you interact with people is a big deciding factor in which career path you take.

3. What kinds of hobbies do you have?

Some people dismiss their hobbies, as if these past times are simply a waste of effort. But your hobbies can tell you a lot about what your perfect career may be. Do you like to solve problems? Then you may want to look into a career in engineering or law. Do you like to work with your hands? Then you may be an auto mechanic or an architect. Your hobbies are gateways to your most prominent personality traits. If you can find a career that makes you feel like it's a hobby, then that's a big win for you.

4. What personality traits do you look for in others?

Who you associate with on a daily basis can also tell you a lot about your personality. If you tend to spend time with outgoing people, then you're probably an outgoing person as well. Look around at the friends you spend most of your time with, and their personalities will give you a keen insight into your own.

5. Bring it all together into your next career.

If you're really ambitious about finding a career that fits your personality, then you'll want to keep notes as you monitor yourself and talk to your friends. At some point, you'll sit down with your notes and decide what career is best for you. If your career fits your personality, then you give yourself the best chance at a happy life.

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