Job hunting in 2021? Here's some useful stuff...

Posted on 12 Jan 2021
Job hunting in 2021? Here's some useful stuff...

Wishing you all Happy New Year!

I'm not going to dwell on the last couple of weeks of news, we all know what has happened what with Covid, Tiers, Lockdown, Brexit and Trump - there hasn't been a dull minute!

3 words

To help me stay focussed this year, I've adopted a personal '3 word mantra'

Consistent - Positive - Loyal

Choosing a 3 word mantra helps, especially when things are tough, they serve to remind me 'what I'm about', what's important to me and when the chips are down, where I need to strive to get back to. Choose them when you're feeling positive and confident about yourself. Stick them on a post-it note, somewhere you look everyday and remind yourself of your personal mantra.

My three words are important in all walks of my life, with clients, candidates, friends and family. I know when I'm having a wobble, I can work myself back towards them. What will your three words be I wonder?

The current job market

To be fair, nothing much has changed in the last quarter of 2020. There was a feeling of hopefulness that things would start to improve for candidates in early 2021, but the new lockdown put paid to that and we find ourselves once more in the doldrums. That said, we're been here before and this time there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so we're hoping that once businesses have settled back in after the festive break, assessed where they are up to in terms of lockdown impact, we'll see a return to the positivity we were expecting to come at the start of the New Year.

New Year - New CV?

It always pays to keep a keen eye on your CV and make sure it's up to date, Reed have put together an article titled "Does your CV pass the seven second test?"

Studies show that recruiters spend somewhere between five and seven seconds on average looking at a candidate's CV, so ensuring your application lands in the 'yes' pile with such little time to impress is essential to understand.  You can read the article here.

3 things to consider for your career in 2021

2020 was a turbulent year for many people’s careers, so it may be time for a change in the new year.
The new year is often a time of transformation. Many make new year’s resolutions and look at the different aspects of their lives with the bigger picture in mind.

While Covid-19 has complicated many aspects of normal life, and brought others to a grinding halt, the start of the year is still a good time to evaluate your career direction.

In fact, the continued remote working for many employees might even make it easier to consider alternative options. The worry of a commute for the dream job might almost disappear completely. The remainder of this article can be found here.

As ever I'm here to support you, please do get in touch.