The top 3 challenges facing businesses looking to recruit right now.

Posted on 10 May 2021
The top 3 challenges facing businesses looking to recruit right now.

Here are what I see are the current top 3 challenges for Dorset and Hants businesses:

  1. Options such as picking the ‘best’ candidates are limited. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, they’re non-existent for some roles.
  2. The pool of available candidates is shallow. It’s more of a puddle! Here’s another water-based anecdote - we’re all (agencies and companies recruiting themselves) fishing in the same very small pond.
  3. Candidates have options. Candidates have choices. Candidates have the power. Candidates are in the driving seat.

What can you do about it?

  1. Be realistic in your approach to filling a vacancy. Trying to fill a vacancy yourselves, again wastes time. Candidates are playing the field and unless you are prepared to go above and beyond any other offer that is out there, you are wasting your time, effort and money. Using a professional recruitment agency adds value in so many ways. We have got our finger on the pulse of our local recruitment situation. We live it every day and are best placed to advise and work on your behalf.  We also have access to some candidates who aren’t on the “open” market but who are open to offers – something you may not have access to. Also, recruitment is our job – we eat, breathe and live it daily.
  2. Make sure your pay rates are at market value or even above. Bring your benefits up to speed and think about your employer branding. [There's an article link below which may help with that]. In essence, apply the protocols you have in place for your sales pipeline to your recruitment pipeline. You’re in a competitive marketplace, so you need to compete.  If you can, be flexible about some remote working or give flexibility around hours – candidates are starting to demand this as a given.  Make sure you have the time to interview – if you aren’t ready to interview yet then don’t post the job!
  3. Give exclusivity to an agency on your vacancy. The candidate pool is so small that we’re all putting in huge amounts of effort to achieve the same result - no placement. This all takes time, and time is what you don’t have. You need to act quickly, decisively and with a determination, you perhaps haven’t used before. 

How can Aspire Jobs help you?

  1. Aspire Jobs provide a personal service and a professional and experienced approach to recruitment. We’re knowledgeable, we have integrity, and we take ownership.
  2. Take advantage of our free recruitment health check let us advise you on where you can improve your chance of recruitment success.
  3. Let us be your recruitment partner - you’ll benefit from a single point of contact who is your dedicated resource, allowing the process to speed up and therefore increasing the opportunity for success.

When it comes to recruitment in Dorset and Hampshire, we’re in it and we’re on it! Let’s do it together…

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