What is your Recruitment Road Map?

Posted on 8 Mar 2021
What is your Recruitment Road Map?

Whether your road is bumpy and full of potholes, narrow with twists and turns or a straight three lane motorway to a final destination, it pays to have a cohesive roadmap in place, so you don't finish up at a dead end.

We've got used to this idea of a roadmap, haven't we? Boris's plan for England's 'freedom' from Covid restrictions has put some key dates in sight and they're not that far away relatively speaking. By the summer we could be reasonably restriction free with all businesses re-opening in one form or another. Obviously, we've yet to see how this will all pan out, but the path is laid even if the foundations are slightly precarious.

What does this mean for your business?

Hospitality, Events and Retail have been massively affected by lockdowns 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, as have the multitude of supply chains to these sectors. Support from the Furlough scheme has no doubt eased some pain, but the agony continues, and I know many are frustrated at Boris's roadmap length. 

My HR colleagues are expecting the worst when Furlough (now extended to September) comes to an end. The predictions from the business community are that we haven't seen the worst of this pandemic impact yet, it will only truthfully come to light once 'things start getting back to normal'. Businesses that have been propped up by Furlough and their own reserves, struggling to eke it out any further. The end in sight, but can they hold on long enough to get there?

Living and working in Dorset & Hampshire we are hugely aware of the impact that tourism has on this area, it's likely that the South Coast will see a bumper summer season which will go some way towards repairing some of the damage caused, but certainly not all.

So, Boris has his roadmap, but do you have yours? What are your plans to retain and/or recruit your team so that you can make the absolute most of what is coming?

What does this mean to you - the employer?

My observation is that we will very quickly return to a 'candidate driven market' (we are already seeing this in some roles) once restrictions are eased. Here are just a few bullet points sharing my current experiences:

  • Sourcing candidates with relevant experience for key executive/skilled roles is proving tricky
  • Candidates are seeking financial security confidence and benefits - there isn't the appetite or confidence to move jobs right now
  • The longevity and stability of a business is a key factor in decision making for candidates  
  • Enhanced loyalty towards employers is being driven by workers enrolled in the Furlough scheme
My advice…

1) Vacancies will take longer to fill; it may be necessary to compromise on skills and experience requirements and /or salary expectations and benefits.

2) Take a 'candidates eye view' put yourself in their shoes and review the elements of the job offer to ensure they are cohesive with their needs and expectations. Remember what is important - stability, financial security, business longevity.

As always, I am here to help - you may benefit from a free 'Recruitment Healthcheck' if so, please take a look at this page on my website and get in touch with me to book in some time.