What the dark ages of recruitment can teach us

Posted on 7 Dec 2020
What the dark ages of recruitment can teach us
One of my favourite moments in the week is when the latest ‘Savage Truth’ blog post lands in my inbox. What a treat!

Greg Savage is the author, and this is how he describes himself:

 “With a career spanning four decades, Greg is a founder of 4 highly successful businesses, is a trusted advisor and respected voice across the global recruitment and professional services industries, and a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the world.”



Greg has a somewhat ‘savage’ approach to the professional recruitment industry, he speaks his mind and I love it because an awful lot of what he says resonates with me. In a recent blog entitled “What ‘The Dark Ages of Recruitment’ can teach us post-COVID Greg talks about the systems and processes we as recruiters practised in past times, either because of a lack of technical equipment or because it was before the internet came along. He talks about how effective those systems and processes were and how successful we were at matching great candidates with great hirers.

Greg refers to it as the ‘dark ages’. Reading his blog, I realised he was talking my language and that in a very definite good way, I am still in the dark ages. Why? Read on for snippets of Greg's blog and my comments in response…

HS: Well put me in the dark ages or call me a dinosaur, I don’t care! Speaking to my clients, face to face, by telephone or video call, is fundamental to me. Scoping out an accurate brief with a client is essential for us both. My 30 years of industry experience is a valuable commodity and one that I offer to my clients as part of my service.

HS: Here we are again, I’ve said this on numerous occasions and make no apology for repeating myself here. I PRE-SCREEN EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE BEFORE PUTTING THEM BEFORE A CLIENT. I always have and I always will. Everyone’s time is wasted otherwise.

HS: Well I may not have exchanged clothes with a candidate, but I sure have driven across the county, collected them in my car and deposited them at the door of their interviewer (all the while briefing them through the journey) when their travel arrangements had gone awry.

Greg’s overriding point in his blog is that there are lessons to be learnt from what worked successfully in the past. New recruitment companies take heed! Being technological recruitment wizards is no substitute for skills learnt over a lifetime. 

Clients…. I am in the enviable position of having those lifelong ‘dark ages’ skills and adding new technological skills to them, a win-win for you.

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Message from Helen

I've got a huge amount to be grateful for this year, yes it's been tough, but I've received an amazing amount of support from my clients and from my network, so I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU, you've been amazing.

Like the majority, I'm hopeful that the vaccine has a speedy and successful roll-out and that the end of this nightmare is at least somewhere in sight.

Best wishes for the festive season, Helen.
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