Understanding Workplace happiness

Posted on 8 Sep 2020
Understanding Workplace happiness
I recently attended the Dorset Chamber Business Leader event where the speaker was Lord Mark Price from Engaging Business.

With over 30 years in the John Lewis Partnership as Deputy Chairman and a decade as MD of Waitrose, Mark Price created Engaging Business to help organisations improve their workplace happiness and employee engagement to drive greater commercial performance.

I've included the report he shared with us during the presentation here.
A couple of headlines which caught my eye specifically, I've picked out for you below. Bearing in mind this report was generated in late 2019, these two slides caught my eye as being incredibly relevant to the situation we are in now...

Lord Mark Price is offering a free workplace happiness review. If you'd like to take him up on this offer, please get in contact with him. Be sure to mention Aspire Jobs when you do.

The next item on this newsletter is the Candidate Behaviour Barometer from CV Library. This provides a fascinating insight into candidate behaviour - did you know that job adverts get the most views on Wednesdays, or that most people apply for jobs between 11am and 12pm, maybe even while they're at work!

Click on the link for more interesting facts that might help shape your recruitment process for the better.



If your business would benefit from an insight into a candidate's behaviour when job hunting, then read on....

This is a fascinating insight provided by CV Library.

Here's the link to view the (quick read) document.
How to conduct an online interview successfully

I've put together a online interview guide for candidates which is also useful for clients who may be interviewing online. If you think this would be helpful in your organisation (some of the tips work for both interviewee and interviewer), please just drop me a line and I'll happily send over to you... [email protected]