How AI can help you prep for an interview

Posted on 6 Jul 2023
How AI can help you prep for an interview

You'll be aware of the hype around ChatGPT. Should we, shouldn't we use it? How will we know when something is authentic or generated by AI?

Well, at Aspire Jobs we remain open-minded. Some of us were around when Google started out, we had our minds blown at the instant access to the information we suddenly had at our fingertips!  We're looking at open-source AI as an enhancement, not a replacement and so with this in mind, we'd like to introduce you to Prepper.

Prepper is an interview simulator. Users input the job title, job description and company name and the tool generates five interview questions most likely to be asked. 

Users can then input their answers and receive feedback scores and detailed suggestions on how they can improve. There are even three options of interview style to choose from, easy, hard and pirate! Answers are accompanied by reasoning...

This answer provides a concise and detailed overview of the candidate's previous experience as a [example]. It highlights their responsibilities, achievements, and specific skills they possess. The use of specific examples and metrics adds credibility to the answer.

We see this as a confidence-building tool, not a replacement for making a concerted effort towards your interview preparation.

We've tried it out and the results were good, however, candidates will understand that they have to be able to 'talk the talk' in a real-life interview situation and 'walk the walk' in a real-life job situation. AI can't do the interview or the job for you! You have to think for yourself. 

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We're also sponsoring Ringwood Carnival this year, it's on September 16th and promises a festival of fun supporting the local community!