How to use soft skills to your best advantage

Posted on 13 Jun 2023
How to use soft skills to your best advantage

Here's how to make yours work for you...

1) Throughout the hiring process give examples of when your soft skills have been useful to you. For example, did you help calm a workplace issue down in a previous role? Did you spot something that needed attention and do something about it? 

2) How can you demonstrate your commitment and motivation to a job? Can you talk about an experience where your commitment to a project was tested, but you overcame the hurdles and delivered a great result?

3) Talk about how you work within a team. What kind of role do you play in the team? Are you a good listener? Do you motivate others? What examples can you share where you have communicated at all levels successfully?

4) Can you think of an occasion where you have delivered great customer service? What did you do and why? What was the outcome?

5) Can you take feedback? What do you do when you're given some? Can you think of a time when you received feedback positively, and acted upon it? What was the outcome?

6) How good are you at managing your time? Are you an organised person? How can you highlight this to a potential employer? What story can you tell that demonstrates your abilities?

7) Are you a positive problem solver? How do you approach a problem? When have you done so and delivered a successful result?

8) Are you a leader with strong soft skills and the ability to develop members of your team individually? What's your experience?

9) Use your soft skills during an interview to show confidence. Confidence helps to influence others and is a useful persuasion tool in workplace situations.

10) Think about and be ready to define your personal reputation. When your reputation is good, it can only enhance the reputation of your employer.

The best way to build on your soft skills is to get familiar with them and then focus your attention on applying them. Good luck!