Prepare now for your next career move

Posted on 13 Nov 2023
Prepare now for your next career move

If you're considering a career change sometime soon, there are steps you can take now to ensure you're ready to make the move smoothly when the right opportunity arises. Being prepared will allow you to act quickly and put your best foot forward with potential new employers.
Follow this advice to get yourself in the best position: 

  • Update your CV. Refresh your CV to reflect your current role and the most relevant skills and achievements for the type of roles you're targeting. Our recruitment experts can provide feedback to make sure it's pitched correctly.
  • Research roles and companies. Spend time researching the types of roles, level of seniority and companies you're interested in. Identify where your skills and experience align with open opportunities. Use LinkedIn and social media to find relevant connections. 
  • Expand your network. Connect with more people working in your target field or company on LinkedIn and social channels. Follow relevant industry profiles and build connections prior to actively job searching.
  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile. Ensure your profile is updated, and professional and showcases your skills, achievements, and career progression - this must mirror your CV. Your profile will often be the first impression hiring managers see. Ensure a professional profile photo is used and your contact details are included.
  • Consider skills training. Identify any skills gaps you may need to fill or sharpen. Enrol in courses or seek projects in your current role to build proficiency. 
  • Track opportunities. Set up alerts on job boards to be notified of suitable openings. Follow companies you're interested in and keep a close watch for new roles. 
  • Line up references. Connect with former managers, clients or others who can vouch for your work and provide positive references. Get their consent and current contact details. 
  • Prepare examples. Refresh your memory on key career projects and achievements you can describe in interviews. Quantify your contributions and impacts. 
  • Reconnect with contacts. Touch base with previous colleagues or acquaintances working in your target field. They may be able to provide insider advice or refer you for openings. 
  • Practice interviewing. Arrange practice interviews with a career coach or trusted friend. Review commonly asked questions and practice responding clearly.

Taking these steps now means you'll have all your ducks in a row when you're ready to act on finding a new role. A little preparation goes a long way to showcasing your candidacy in the best possible light and landing your ideal next move.

I hope you find this helpful and as ever we're here to support our candidates; if you need any help or advice with your job hunting, please do get in contact with me or one of the team.