Looking to the future

Posted on 21 Apr 2020
Looking to the future

I’m not here to wax lyrical about what has been and what might be, I don’t know about you, but my crystal ball isn’t working right now!

What I am here to do is to tell you how in the short to medium term I will be able to help you stabilise and then build your business on from where you are sitting right now.

So, what can we offer you that might suit?

Fixed term contract staff

A fixed term contract (FTC) comes with a termination date. Contracts may contain a provision to end the agreement earlier than stated, but if no such provision then the FTC will automatically expire at the end of the term.

FTCs are sometimes used to cover short term staffing gaps. In the current economy, it may be pertinent to consider using them while business is uncertain.

Benefits to employers

  • You can tap into specialists and expertise for a particular project or period of time
  • Use as a probationary period to evaluate prior to offering a permanent contract within the organisation
  • Cover maternity/paternity or long term sick leave effectively and efficiently
  • Allows you to forecast your resources and control your budgets
  • Good commitment level received from candidates
  • You can offer a permanent contract at any time during their fixed term contract

Benefits to employees

  • A FTC employee has the same rights as a permanent employee and is entitled to the same pay and working conditions as permanent roles
  • A FTC employee may be offered a higher rate of pay to compensate for the short term nature of the job role
  • One weeks’ notice required if an employee has worked for over a month
  • Contracts can be extended or made permanent depending on the company requirements and employee performance

How long should a FTC be for?

Aspire Jobs offer our service for Fixed Term Contracts of no less than 3 months.  Employers will pay a pro rata fee. If the employee is taken on as a permanent employee at the end of the term, or part way through, then the full fee will become due.

What else are we doing to help?

We’re building a pool of talent.  It’s predicted that there will be a significant number of unemployed (or at least more than we’ve seen for many years), and we’re building our database of individuals ready for when businesses who have been affected are recruiting again.

It’s not an if, but a when and we will be ready to support you.

Call me if you would like to talk anything over about what I’ve discussed here, I’m very happy to share my experience with you.